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Adam Nasir

Founder & CEO

Adam is a relentless entrepreneur, driven by building the highest quality products in the market. He has a passion for building high-level teams and guiding them to collectively achieve enormous goals. Adam truly believes in people and currently lives in Eastern Europe to build Smarter Contact with his team. In his free time, he enjoys travel, time with family, and the game of chess.

Valentyn Minaiev


Valentyn is responsible for Business Operations. He is a data driven decision maker with 10+ years of experience in sales and business Management. Valentyn’s favorites in any business are people, numbers, and combining them to achieve synergy and outstanding results. KPI-driven goals, processes, data-driven decision making, and emotional intelligence is vital setup for him. Valentyn is a big fan of behavioral finance, neuroeconomics, and schnauzers.

Volodymyr Matsola


Volodymyr is our technical geek. Turns all crazy ideas in the company into reality with our extremely skilled team. For the last 10 years working he managed to work in different directions, where he had to solve a lot of technical challenges. But only here he reached a new level and discovered his potential!

Tetiana Bondarenko

Product Owner

Tanya is in charge of the Project Management of Smarter Contact. She has a solid engineering background and a kind soul. Perfectionist, leader, and outstanding team player. Tanya handles and delivers many complex projects on time, and to the highest standard. She strives to continually grow as a professional and share her knowledge with others.

Inna Shevchenko


Inna is leading our marketing team. She is a marketer for more than 14 years with experience in different products and in multiple international projects. Inna started her career in big corporations followed by more challenging experience in developing startups. Apart from marketing, traveling is Inna’s biggest passion. Also, she is a big fan of reading, spending time in nature, swimming and skiing.

Iryna Kiss

CS Lead

Iryna is our Customer Success Lead, aimed at delivering the best support experience to our users. For the past 8+ years, she's been managing, leading and creating teams in the international MICE and SaaS companies. Data-driven UX analysis and quality user support are the basis of her work. Finding the best solution for each and every user's story is what really drives her work interests.

Anna Maksymova

Finance Manager

Anna is our Finance manager. She has 10+ years experience in corporate finance in different industries, building a team and inspire them. Anna is passionate about build business from the scratch and make a profit for the company, strive to build an efficient processes and always looking for solutions. Anna's core values is a honesty, good vibes, "learn until you die".

Volodymyr Stepanchenko

Head of Design

Vova is a multi-disciplinary creative who brings his background to the table. Before joining the Smarter Contact team, he worked as a Lead UI/UX designer building a SaaS products from the ground up. Vova’s inspiration comes from paying attention to the little things he comes across every day.

Our team

The people behind the product ❤️

Vladyslav Kyrychenko

Back End Engineer

Serhii Dubovyk

Back End Engineer

Fedor Gladovsky

Front End Engineer

Yurii Adamenko

Front End Engineer

Oleksandr Simonov

Front End Engineer

Nikita Bayev

Front End Engineer

Oleksandr Kalenichenko

Front End Engineer

Oksana Shurgai

QA Lead

Sasha Troian


Mariia Moroz


Mykhailo Peresunko

Project Manager

Alina Prushchak


Serhii Lukashevych

Head of SEO

Roman Kamchatnyi

Link Building Specialist

Dereck Mushy

Content Manager

Maryna Ryzhko

Email Marketer

Liliia Kodenko

PPC Manager

Katerina Grigorenko

Social Media Manager

Kevin Hernandez

Sales Executive

Greg Landukhov

Business Development Manager

Daniela Marko

Customer Success

Valerie Oshkalo

Customer Success

David Herrera

Customer Support

Mariia Horpynchuk

Customer Support

Prosper Justus

Customer Support

Vladyslav Patsukevych

Web Analyst

Evgeniya Voitsekhovska

People Partner / HR

Viktoriia Facer

Personal Assistant


Chief Cuteness Officer

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