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Call your contacts from the same business phone number you text them

Our in-app web and mobile synchronous phone dialing system enables you to call your prospects and clients at any time from anywhere.

Outbound call functions include options to route calls through landlines or mobile networks. This ensures that calls are connected using the most appropriate and cost-effective method.

From web and mobile dialing to ringless voicemails and call recordings – voice makes texting that much powerful

2-Way Calling

Easily keep track of all your outbound, inbound, and missed calls in every conversation.

Call Auto-Reply

Automate your responses from incoming phone calls and reduce your time-to-response.

Call Recording

Record your calls and play them back later. Provide feedback to your team and achieve calling proficiency faster.


Don’t miss an opportunity to deliver a personalized message to all incoming callers and keep track of all missed calls to follow up on.

Android & iOS App

Be notified to answer calls directly on your phone and experience synchronous conversations between our mobile and desktop apps.

AI Powered Calling Coming soon

Get more done with less time. Our industry-leading AI-powered calling features will increase your efficiency and reach even more.

Hereโ€™s why integrating voice with your texting campaigns matters to you

  • Calling from the same number you text from increases your credibility and response rates.

  • Tracking your daily call volume and optimizing operations based on performance is a must.

  • Never miss a call when youโ€™re on the go. Dial and receive calls from our mobile app.

  • Listen to every call recording, provide feedback, and achieve calling proficiency faster.

A text is an invitation to a conversation, but a phone call is where deals are closed

From text to voice to drip campaigns and our app experiences, we simply deliver
better value, support, and training than our competitors.

Increase in Conversion Rates

Close deals faster by calling your contacts instead
of just texting them.

Decrease in Time to Close

Get paid faster by shortening your sales cycles when you integrate more calls into your sales cadences.

Itโ€™s easy to see why weโ€™re the #1 choice
trusted by 5,000+ real estate professionals

Schedule and send daily text and voice message campaigns. Build relationships, generate leads, close deals, and achieve your earning potential with no daily sending limits, no sending restrictions, and unlimited markets at no additional costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions

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Which CRM do you integrate with?
Do you have any market restrictions?
What makes SC different from other popular SMS Platforms?
Do you have a mobile app?
What happens if someone calls back the number Iโ€™m texting them from?
Does the system allow me to export my leads?

An all-in-one platform.
More than texting. Now with voice.

Send with no daily limits and no phone number restrictions. Plus integrate voice into your texting
campaigns from mobile and web dialing to voicemails and call recording.

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