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Campaigns page overview

  1. View All tab is selected by default when you open the Messenger page. When selected, it shows all of your campaigns on one screen. Campaigns are displayed in chronological order, with more recent campaigns at the top of the list.
  2. Active Campaigns tab, when selected, shows only campaigns that are currently ‘Active.’
  3. Draft Campaigns tab, when selected, shows only campaigns that are currently ‘Inactive.’
  4. Message Templates opens a menu where you can create your opener templates used for your campaigns. Check this article for details.
  5. Create New Campaign button opens a menu where you can start creating a new campaign. For more information on creating a campaign, please check here for SMS campaigns and here for RVM campaigns.
  6. The search field allows you to search through your campaigns by their name.

For each of the campaigns, you will see:

Campaign name – this is the name of your campaign as you named it before sending it. Once the campaign is Active, you’ll see the little icon next to its name that stands for the type of this campaign. If you hover over this icon, you can see the template selected for the campaign.

Status of the campaign. There are four possible statuses:

  • Inactive. This means that the campaign is still a draft, and it hasn’t been sent yet. If the campaign is Inactive, no SMSes are sent within this campaign. Inactive campaigns can be edited at any time. In order for a campaign to change its status from Inactive to Active, you need to click Send campaign at the bottom of the campaign settings and confirm sending it. Only then will the campaign become Active.
  • Active. Active campaigns are the ones that have already been confirmed and sent from the dashboard. If a campaign is ‘Active’ it means that the system is currently set to send SMSes as per the settings of this campaign.
  • Note that once a campaign status changes to ‘Active,’ it’s impossible to modify or change the settings. You’d need to delete it and create it again. If the campaign has already started and you have to modify anything, you can pause the campaign (it’s status will be ‘Paused’) and export the unsent contacts to create a new campaign with the correct settings.
  • Ended. Once all SMSes in a campaign have been sent, the status of the campaign changes to ‘Ended.’ Ended campaigns cannot be edited.

Contacts. This header displays the number of leads on the list/s used for the campaign.

Phones. This header displays the number of unique phone numbers messaged within this campaign.

Groups. This header displays the name/s of the group/s used for the campaign.

Date created. This header displays the date and time a campaign was finalized. This is the date and time you first clicked the ‘Send Campaign’ button for the draft campaign.

Last sent. This header displays the date and time the latest batch in the campaign was sent on. If you send all messages in your campaign at once, this will be when the last phone on the list was messaged to. If you send a campaign in batches, this will be the time of the latest batch sent in the campaign so far.