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Creating a Drip Campaign

A drip campaign is a feature included in our Elite plan and allows you to send up to 2 scheduled follow-up messages after the 1st one in each campaign. This will make it easier to manage contacts and keep them interested.

To enable and set up the Drip campaign follow these steps:

1. Go to the Campaigns page and click Create New Campaign button
2. Type the Name and Select the list
3. Enable the toggle Drip campaign

4. For Message #1 select:

  • Campaign type
  • Select your message template
  • Schedule your campaign (for the Elite plan)
  • Set up the campaign throttling by selecting Send all messages at once? (for Elite plan)

5. Enable Rules for Messages:

  • Execute Rule When (Contact replies (SMS or Call); Contacts replies SMS; Contact Replies Call; No contact reply (24 hours)
  • Add the contact to another group
  • Add a label to this contact

6. Select + Add a message to set up Message #2 or Send a campaign to send the campaign with only Message #1.

7. The settings for Message #2 and #3 are similar to Message #1, except for the Waiting time after the first message field.

8. Click Send campaign after Message #2 or #3 to send all the messages set up in the drip campaign.


  • After Message #3 you can only click Send campaign. It’s not possible to set up more than 3 messages in the drip campaign
  • In Waiting time after the first message field user must choose the time period the corresponding Message will be sent after the previous message was sent. ”1 Day” is the pre-populated value for this field. You can not select a value, which is <1 day.
  • If Send campaign button is disabled, please check your settings and make sure all fields are set up.
  • From the Drip campaign, you can Add/Edit New Groups/Labels/Message
  • Each message in the drip campaign is charged according to the per SMS pricing of your plan.