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Creating a Message Template

Message templates are the opener messages you will be using for your campaigns.

To add a message template, please do the following:

1. Go to Campaigns -> Message templates -> Add New Template

2. Select the type of your template

2.1. Text – to use it for SMS campaigns

2.2. VoiceMail* – to use it for RVM campaigns

*VoiceMail templates can only be added by users registered as the Standard brand with the A2P 10DLC. You can upgrade to the Standard brand under Settings -> A2P 10DLC.

3. Enter the name of the Template. Keep in mind that it has a 20-character limit and must be unique.

4. Text: Enter the message. The message has a 160-character limit, including the opt-out language**.

**Note: Now, it’s mandatory updating the templates to comply with the current opt-out language policies and best practices. Thus, all text templates include the opt-out language ‘Reply STOP to unsubscribe.’ by default. The opt-out language counts toward the character limit, and currently, it cannot be customized.

Please watch the following video for a thorough explanation of the opt-out language update in SC:

Pro tip: All Top G users can remove the opt-out language from the templates by removing the checkmark next to the “Opt-out text” set-up of each template.

4.1. You can use custom fields to integrate mapped data from your uploaded groups into your message templates. Use ‘<‘ to populate field options, and then select the desired field from the drop-down list.

Note: <Address>, <City>, <State>, and <Zip> fields correspond to the ‘Property address,’ ‘Property City,’ ‘Property State,’ and ‘Property Zip’ headers mapped in your groups.

5. VoiceMail: Enter a short description of the RVM you’re looking to upload. This field has a 160-character limit, and its content is only displayed to you on the dashboard:

5.1. Click Record to record one audio file using the recorder in the modal or select the audio file from your computer by dragging&dropping it into the field/ clicking browse to upload it from your PC.

6. Click Save Template

To Edit a Template, go to Message Templates under Campaigns and click on the small ‘pencil’ icon to the right of the template’s name

Edit the content and hit Save Template to save the changed template.

To Delete a Template, go to Message Templates under Campaigns and click on the small ‘trash can’ icon to the right of the template’s name and confirm deleting by selecting Delete on the pop-up screen