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Exporting Contacts from Messenger

Written by Mariia

Updated 1 month ago

If you need to manage your contacts outside Smarter Contact, you can export your leads from the ‘Messenger’ tab using the ‘Export’ button.

You can export your leads:

  • by campaign
  • by group
  • by label

Currently, you cannot multi-select the filters and can only export one option at a time.

To export contacts, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Messenger screen
  2. Click on the Export button
  3. Select the option you’d like to export (by campaign/ by group/ by label)
  4. Select the desired Campaign/ Group/ Label
  5. Move the cursor of your mouse over the little arrow to the right and select:5a. File – This will trigger an automatic download of the CSV file with all of the leads in the selected campaign/ group/ label5b. CRM* – This will send all contacts of the selected campaign/ group/ label to your integrated CRM

*Please note that the Export to CRM option is only available with the Elite Plan and requires a set Zapier integration.

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