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Exporting Contacts from Messenger

If you need to manage your contacts outside Smarter Contact, you can export your leads from the ‘Messenger’ tab using the ‘Export’ button.

You can export your leads:

  • by campaign
  • by group
  • by label

Currently, you cannot multi-select the filters and can only export one option at a time.

To export contacts, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Messenger screen
  2. Click on the Export button
  3. Select the option you’d like to export (by campaign/ by group/ by label)
  4. Select the desired Campaign/ Group/ Label
  5. Move the cursor of your mouse over the little arrow to the right and select:5a. File – This will trigger an automatic download of the CSV file with all of the leads in the selected campaign/ group/ label5b. CRM* – This will send all contacts of the selected campaign/ group/ label to your integrated CRM

*Please note that the Export to CRM option is only available with the Elite Plan and requires a set Zapier integration.