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Integrating Apps with Smarter Contact in Zapier

Please follow the instructions below to link your Smarter Contact account and your third-party app.

If you use more than one app, you can perform these steps for each one to link them individually. However, only one integration can be activated at a time.

  1. Log into your Smarter Contact account.
  2. Click on the Settings wheel and go to API page
  3. Click on +Add Zapier API linkYou will be redirected to the Smarter Contact Integrations Zapier page.
  4. Log in or check apps available for zaps on the home page:

5. Click Create Zap button or go to All zaps to edit existing ones:

6. Select the Suggested Trigger or search for the Trigger App:

7. In Choose an event field select Export Contact Trigger from the drop-down:

8. Click Continue:

9. Proceed to Choose an account or +Connect a new account:

10. Choose account and click continue:

11. Add Trigger title and click Continue:

12. Then click Test your trigger and check which info will be sent to your connected app from Smarter Contact. The format is Field name: Data sent. If all the data corresponds to the field, click Continue:

13. Select the Suggested Action or search for the Action App (We select Podio and will show the connection process of this app. The process is similar for most CRMs):

14. Choose the event for the app selected from the drop-down and click Continue (We choose Create item):

15. Choose the account or +Connect the new account, and click Continue:

16. Set up Action by choosing Organization, Workspace, and Application:

17. Map the fields from Smarter contacts to the fields from Podio:

18. Select from Suggested fields in the drop-down:

You can map several field from Smarter Contact side to one app field:

19. Click Continue to apply the fields mapping:

20. Then, you can Test actions by clicking Test & Continue:

21. Once the test is completed successfully and all the data matches the mapped fields, you can click Publish Zap.

22. Once the set-up in Zapier account is done you will see that Zap status is On.

In your Smarter Contact account > Settings > API, you will see the zap toggle is enabled.


You can check if Zapier supports your app by searching for it here.

If you cannot find it in the drop-down, it’s not available on the free version of Zapier. You can Contact Zapier support to learn more about supported apps.

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