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Managing Inbox

Written by Yuliia

Updated 5 months ago

All conversations are managed in Inbox under the Messenger page.

On the left panel, you can filter conversations by group, label, or campaign. Moreover, to view Unread, Sent, Deleted, or All conversations, select the relevant category on the left panel.

From the top menu in Inbox you can:

  • sort by newest/oldest/favorite
  • select multiple labels
  • select a specific user (if you have secondary users in your account)
  • export contacts filtered by group/label/campaign

Additionally, you can:

  • create a new conversation by clicking on the plus icon next to Inbox
  • star/unstar the specific conversation by clicking on the star icon
  • mark conversations as read/unread by selecting a specific conversation and clicking on the envelop icons
  • delete the conversation by electing a specific conversation and clicking on the bucket icon

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