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Managing Your Current Balance

Written by Iryna

Updated 1 month ago

All of the Smarter Contact services are prepaid.
To use the platform, you need to have the Membership Plan, and to pay for specific services, you need to add funds to your Current Balance.

Current Balance shows:

  • Funds remaining on your account balance
  • Auto Recharge status and rules set up

Recharging Current Balance:
1. Click on Settings wheel and go to Membership page.

2. Scroll down the page to the Current Balance section and click Recharge Now button.

3. In the recharge pop-up add the amount of $ that you want to add to your balance and click Confirm button.


  • At the top of the Membership page, you’ll see the pricing rates per SMS, Phone number, Skiptracing, and Verification (if not free)
  • All the recharges invoices will appear under Your Billing History
  • If you see the Notification: Your Balance is Low when operating in your account, recharge the account accordingly and try again.

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