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New Plans and Pricing Overview


These Plans and Pricing applies to all users who subscribed after October 1, 2022.

Users who subscribed before October 1, 2022, will be migrated to New Plans on the relevant renewal day after November 1, 2022.

Migration rules:

Old Starter Plan migrates to New Starter Plan

Old Pro Plan migrates to New Ninja Plan

Old Elite Plan migrates to New Top G Plan


We offer the following plans:

The Yearly Top G plan – comes with free membership for three months.

Learn more about the software features per plan:

Features Details

Available in All Plans

Unlimited Markets and Texting

Many platforms restrict the markets you can send messages & the number of contacts you can upload.

With SC you get unlimited texting, NO market limitations, and No Contact limits. You pay for what you use.

Incoming & outgoing SMS

$0.03/SMS (Starter Plan); $0.025 (Ninja Plan); $0.02 (Top G Plan)

Unrivaled SMS delivery rates

The highest delivery rate and response rate in the industry.

So your prospects and customers actually receive your texts… and want to respond to your offers.

No third-party registration

Rather than wasting hours trying to register for A2P 10DLC (required for SMS marketing)…

with SC you fill out one simple form, and you’ve registered automatically with no paperwork.

Advanced-Data Merge

Call Forwarding
Add an Active Incoming number to receive redirected calls, if your leads call back after receiving your SMS.

Duplicate Filter

If you upload the same lead twice, we notify you and give you the option to remove it — saving you money.

Phone Number Verification

Most lists have over 30% wrong numbers.

With SC – we verify the numbers you upload against carrier records to make sure they are real & 100% accurate…

saving you money and time from texting the wrong numbers.

DNC & Litigator Scrub

Verify and remove all numbers belonging to litigator and DNC lists verified by

This is a free service

Calendar Followup System

Schedule events and tasks, and don’t miss your next deal.


See which texts get the highest response so you can optimize campaigns to increase conversions & sales.

Skip Tracing

$.15/hit (Starter Plan); $.12/hit (Ninja Plan); $.10/hit (Top G Plan)

Need the phone number of your customers?

Our Skip Tracing tool scans public records & credit bureaus to uncover correct numbers with over 95% accuracy.

Text Suppressions

The system will remove the messages filtered out based on responses from your clients

Macro Responses

Use pre-saved templates & quick chats to automatically respond to customers… helping boost your sales & customer service rating.

SMS Training

Anyone can write a text… but writing a text that gets a response is another story.

Learn from our coaches and their proven methods to write SMS messages that convert, make sales, and bring in revenue.

Mobile App

Stay organized & in touch with your customers on the go with our iOS/Android App.

Available in Ninja and Top G plans

Ringless Voicemail Campaigns

Deliver voice messages that land directly in your client’s voicemail box, without the phone ringing. Clever, ninja marketing with world-class delivery rates.

Drip Campaigns

Nurture your leads with automated texts that get sent at the perfect time, helping generate more revenue & profit. Money while you sleep.

Campaign Throttling

Send your messages in bursts so you don’t get flooded with responses if you’re taking sales calls. For example 50 messages every 30 minutes.

Campaign Scheduling

Send scheduled SMS to your leads to be sent during a specific time on assigned days.

CRM Integration

Seamlessly integrates with all popular CRMs. Track your marketing how YOU want.

Available in Top G plans

Phone System

Get higher pickup rates, and build more trust and rapport by being able to call your customers from the same number you text them from.

Mobile Text Alerts

If a hot lead messages you, get a notification on your cellphone so you can respond quickly and close the deal

Opt-out Removal

Option to remove opt-out language from your initial messages so you have more space to market.


Have more than one user on your team?

That’s okay, we’ll add them for you.

You will have 2 free subaccounts with the Top G plan if registered as a Standard 10DLC brand. Each additional subaccount will cost $199/month.

You can have a total of 5 subaccounts.

VIP Support

World-class customer support & VIP treatment. Talk on the phone with our Success & Sales teams and get the top chat assistance with the Support team.


Once you register and purchase one of the plans, there will be additional payments for the specific services.

Here’s the list of main and optional charges for the features:

  • Incoming & outgoing SMS: $0.03/SMS (Starter Plan); $0.025 (Ninja Plan); $0.02 (Top G Plan)
  • List verification: FREE for All users.
  • Outgoing number: $1 per phone per month.
  • *Skiptracing (not verification): $0.15/successful hit (Starter Plan); $0.12/hit (Ninja Plan); $0.10/hit (TopG Plan)
  • Mobile text alerts: 100 free SMS; 101< SMS are charged $0.01
  • *RVM campaign: $0.025 Per RVM Delivered Top G Plan and $0.03 Per RVM Delivered Ninja Plan
    ***optional charges for the additional advanced features