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Old Plans and Pricing Overview

Written by Adam Nasir

Updated 9 months ago

These plans and pricing are applied to all users who subscribed before October 1, 2022.
Users who subscribed before October 1, 2022, will be migrated to the relevant New Plans and Pricing on the relevant renewal day after November 1, 2022
Migration rules:
Old Starter Plan migrates to New Starter Plan
Old Pro Plan migrates to New Ninja Plan
Old Elite Plan migrates to New Top G Plan

We offer 3 plans:

Starter plan: $99 / month

Pro plan: $199 / month

Elite plan: $299 /month

The monthly membership fee will allow you to send campaigns and use our software features.

Learn more about software features included in each plan here

1. Smarter Contact is a freemium platform. Once you register and purchase one of the plans there would be some additional payments for the specific services.
Here’s the list of main and optional charges for the features:

  • SMS in&outgoing: $0.03/SMS (Starter Plan); $0.025 (Pro Plan); $0.02 (Elite Plan)
  • List verification: $0.005 for Starter and Pro Plan users; FREE for Elite Plan users.
  • Outgoing number: $1 per phone per month.
  • *Skiptracing (not verification): $0.15/successful hit
  • *RVM campaign: $0.025 Per RVM Delivered Elite Plan and $0.03 Per RVM Delivered Pro Plan
  • *Opt-out language “Stop to unsubscribe” removal add-on (is disabled by default, but if enabled will be charged additionally ): $129/month. Contact the Customer Support or Success team to enable the add-on.
    * – Optional charges for the additional advanced features

2. You can also save by purchasing a yearly Elite Membership Plan for only $2699

An all-in-one platform.
More than texting. Now with voice.

Send with no daily limits and no phone number restrictions. Plus integrate voice into your texting
campaigns from mobile and web dialing to voicemails and call recording.

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