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Pausing a Campaign

Written by Mariia

Updated 1 month ago

You can pause any Active campaign easily by following these steps:

  1. Go to Campaigns and select your Active campaign by clicking on it.
  2. On the Campaign’s screen, scroll down and hit the Pause Campaign button
  3. Select Confirm

You’ll then receive a notification that your campaign has been paused, and the status of the campaign will change to Paused.

To resume a paused campaign, select the campaign by clicking on it, scroll down to the bottom of the campaign settings and click on the Resume Campaign button -> Confirm

You’ll then receive a notification that the campaign has been resumed, and the status of the campaign will change to Active.

Tip: If you’ve paused your campaign and do not want to resume it for any reason, you can export a list of leads from this campaign to follow up with them. You have the option to export: All, Carrier Blocked, Sent, Unsent, Responded, Unresponded, Delivered, and Undelivered lists.

To export a CSV file from a campaign, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Campaigns page
  2. Click on the paused campaign to select it
  3. Scroll down to the Export button and click on it
  4. Select the option you want to export and click on Confirm.

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