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Uploading a List

Uploading a list to your account is as easy as selecting the file and mapping the headers correctly to match the columns in your file.

Please follow the steps below to upload a list:

  1. Go to the Contacts page
  2. Click on the Upload file button
  3. Drag and drop your file or click Browse to select it on your PC and upload it.Note: Currently, the system supports only CSV (Comma Delimited) file format
  4. Once the file is uploaded, click Next
  5. Click on the Head fields above each of the columns and select the header from the dropdown list to match the data in the columnNote: It’s required to map at least First Name, Last Name, and Phone headers to proceed with the verification. It’s important to assign the headers carefully since the templates you create in the campaigns will import the information from your contact lists; if the headers aren’t correctly assigned, the template may include the wrong information and look weird to your leads.You can assign up to four Phone headers per list. Pro Tip: If you want to message more than four numbers per lead, you can split your list into parts and upload them separately so that you can map 4 Phone columns per lead in each list.
  6. Once you assigned the headers, click on the Apply button to save the headers and proceed with the verification:
  7. Select the categories you’d like the system to remove during the verification. All the categories are selected by default, but you can select any except for the Opted-Out.Note: Opted Out category cannot be unselected, it’s required as per the opt-out language policies.
  8. Once selected, click Apply. If you’re on the Starter or Pro plan, you’ll get the Payment screen with the total number of phones on your list and the cost of verification, and need to click Next to confirm the payment and proceed with the verification.If you’re on the Elite plan, verification is free for you, and the system will start processing the list right away:
  9. Once the system has processed the list, you’ll get the Lookup Results in screen with the data on valid and invalid numbers detected. Click Next to complete the verification.

You’ll get redirected to Groups, and the list will be ready for you to use.

You can check this video for a quick guide.