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Working with labels

Written by Yuliia

Updated 1 month ago

Labels are used to categorize your contacts/conversations and create more visibility within your account.

Once you have set up your labels, you can start applying them to your contacts.

You can apply the label in different situations:

  1. add the label manually from the Contacts page:
    1. go to the Contacts page
    2. select the contact
    3. scroll to the Labels field in the Info tab of the contact
    4. select relevant labels from the dropdown
  2. add the label manually from the Messenger page:
    1. go to the Messenger page
    2. select the conversation
    3. if you have one label, click on the label; if you have multiple ones, click on the three dots icon to add or remove labels.
    4. if the conversation doesn’t have any labels yet, click on it, go to the Info tab and add labels as described in point 1.
  3. add the automatic default label to all incoming conversations, which can be set in Labels Setting.
  4. add the label from the campaign:
    1. go to the Campaigns page
    2. create a new campaign
    3. enable Rules for the message
    4. set the rule and choose what label should be added to the contacts that fall under the rule.
    5. the label will be automatically added once the rule is applied.

Moreover, you can filter by labels on Messenger and Contacts page:

  1. on the Messenger page select the relevant labels from the left or top panel
  2. on the Contacts page click on All Labels and select the relevant ones

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