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What’s a Landline Number? Everything You Need to Know

What’s a Landline Number? Everything You Need to Know

Not too long ago, the world relied on landlines to communicate. These days, most people have gotten rid of their home phone and replaced it with a mobile phone. While mobile phones have made our lives much simpler, landlines are still one of the most reliable devices in the market. Read on to find out why a landline connection still matters to your business.

What Is a Landline Number?

What Is a Landline Number?

A landline number is a fixed phone number connected with physical wires. It differs from a cell phone number in many ways. For instance, while cell phones use radio waves to transfer a voice call, landlines use a wire or cable on a fixed line. That’s why a landline phone is sometimes referred to as a “hard wired” phone line. 

A common name for a landline is a “plain old telephone service”, or simply, “POTS”. The majority of people using a telephone in their home are using either a prepaid or postpaid landline home phone service. Let’s get into detail about the pros and cons of having a landline and how you can get one. We also answer some frequently asked questions about landlines and wireless phones. 

Two Types of Landlines

Two Types of Landlines

There are two types of landlines; the corded telephone line and a landline telephone.

A corded telephone line connects to the service provider’s cabling through a wall jack. Typically, a physical cord connects the phone to the receiver. 

On the other hand, the cordless landline telephone allows users to walk around their home freely. However, the phone base still connects to the cable through a jack.

Advantages of Landline Numbers

Advantages of Landline Numbers

Landlines have so many advantages over digital mobile phones and computer calls. Here are some of them:

  1. Superior Sound Quality and Clarity

Landlines provide better call quality than standard cell phones. For this reason, most businesses that rely on service calls still depend on a landline. 

  1. Provides Security in an Emergency

Landline numbers continue to work even when the electricity or internet is out. You’ll still have a reliable 911 connection during the blackout, unlike many cell phone numbers which solely rely on reliable Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. 

  1. Landline Phones Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks

Businesses can share private and confidential information through a landline voice call without fear of being hacked. Calls on mobile phones or through the internet can be easily intercepted through radio waves.

However, tapping an optical fiber telephone line is nearly impossible. Moreover, the number withhold feature in landlines allow you to hide your business number if needed. 

  1. Smart Home Integration

Modern landline telephone numbers aren’t just for receiving or making calls. They now have innovative features like readable voicemail, send text messages, location functions and can connect to other internal devices in the home like TVs.

Limitations of Landline Numbers

Limitations of Landline Numbers

On the downside, landline numbers also come with a handful of cons. Here are some of them:

  1. The Longer the Distance, the Larger the Bill

When you use a landline for long distance calls, your phone bills will significantly increase. Even though landlines are still the best when it comes to quality voice calls, you may want to reconsider using them over a long distance.

  1. Open to Telemarketing Spam

Daily marketing calls can be very frustrating. When you register for a landline number, you’re automatically listed in the directory, opening up your regular phone number to sales and spam calls.

  1. Lack of Convenience

On a mobile phone, it doesn’t matter if you’re in your house, in the car, or even in another state. However, landlines are limited by location because they can only reach specific destinations. 

If you are changing location, you’d have to arrange with your service provider to have the landline move with you, otherwise your existing customers will be dialing the wrong number.

Should I Have a Landline Phone Number?

After checking all the pros and cons, you might still be wondering whether you need a land line. What exactly calls for the use of landline phone numbers? 

A land line is the best choice for you if:

  • Your business experiences high call traffic
  • You want maximum clarity when communicating with customers
  • You want to avoid poor connectivity
  • You need to be available during power outages

You can have a landline number with text-enabled features. This way, you can send and receive text messages without disrupting your voice message service. 

How to Get a Landline Phone Number

How to Get a Landline Phone Number

Registering for a landline number is a simple process with your phone service provider. Most providers will walk you through the set up and send a technician for any equipment or necessary migrations. Your phone service provider can also guide you through landline texting.

On the other hand, Smarter Contact can help those who already have a landline phone number and simply need the text-enabled feature. You don’t need any fancy equipment to start leveraging the incredible power of SMS marketing for your business growth.

Landline Number FAQs

Can you send a text message to a landline phone number?

Can you send a text message to a landline phone number?

Yes, landline phone numbers are capable of sending and receiving text messages. The landline will need texting software, which works just like a typical mobile phone number; Open your text messaging app, address it to the 10-digit number, compose your message and send.

Even better, you can leverage a short code number for branded text messages. Short codes are ideal for bulk messages. Make sure you know when to use short code vs long code before texting your customers.

Is a landline number a phone number?

Yes, a landline number is a phone number. However, a cell phone uses radio waves to transfer a voice call while landline uses a metal wire or cable. 

How can you tell if a phone is a landline or cell?

You can easily check if a mobile number is from a landline or mobile device by using a phone number validator. Generally, this tool is used to check the validity of a mobile number, but it also provides information about whether the number is from landline service or mobile service.

Is a cordless phone considered a landline?

Yes, a cordless home phone is considered a landline. Although the receiver is connected wirelessly, the phone base connects to the cable through a phone jack. You can also use this phone for texting.

Over to You

Whether you use a landline or a mobile phone for your business, the key is building relationships. There are plenty of ways to get in touch with the people that matter to your business, from calling to sending voice messages over multiple phone numbers to texting.

If you’re a business that loves your landline too much to break up with it, the good news is that you don’t have to choose. You can upgrade your current number to a landline service phone and start texting! 

Regardless of the type of phone you use, texting your customers should be an important part of your business. 98% of all texts are read in the first two minutes, and consumers in 2022 want the convenience of communicating from their phones. With Smarter Contact, you can start building relationships with your customers today. Don’t wait, sign up for your free trial today!

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