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Best SMS Marketing Solution for Lending companies

Convert more applicants to borrowers, generate leads and increase customer retention rates

Imagine how many messages are needed to be communicated back and forth while qualifying and nurturing leads to turn them into borrowers. And that does not end there. You have to send reminders for due payments and ensure borrower satisfaction through seamless customer service if you are looking to retain them.

Smarter contact was specifically designed to take care of all of these effortlessly.

Stay in touch with your customers where they communicate

With our easy to use interface, launch your SMS campaigns in seconds

Payment Reminder


Loan Request Update

How Smarter Contact compares to Email Marketing

Achieve measurable improvements in quantitative and financial performance with Smarter Contact. We are committed to helping you succeed.


SMS open rate


Email open rate


SMS response rate


Email response rate

Features You Get:

Loaded with robust features that help you convert more deals



Built-in CRM


Custom Campaigns

Ringless Voicemail

Tier 1 Skiptracing



Ringless Voicemail Marketing Benefits

Outperform your competitors with the highest converting marketing solutions

Reach more leads faster

Cost effective

High response rate

Time efficient marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

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What’s new in Smarter Contact 2.0?
Which CRM do you integrate with?
Do you have any market restrictions?
What is skiptracing?
What makes Smarter Contact a better platform?
Do you have a mobile app?
What happens if someone calls back the number I’m texting them from?
Does the system allow me to export my leads?

An all-in-one platform.
More than texting. Now with voice.

Send with no daily limits and no phone number restrictions. Plus integrate voice into your texting
campaigns from mobile and web dialing to ringless voicemails and call recording.

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