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How To Convert SMS Leads Into Deals #7

Advanced LIVE Masterclass

How To Convert SMS Leads Into Deals #7

In this live training weโ€™ll cover:

  • A brand-new approach for landing 3-5 high-value deals each month.
  • The thought process to create your own unique message templates to convert leads into sales.
  • What questions to ask to get your leads on the phone organically.
  • Kevinโ€™s secrets for growing your real estate business with an automated pipeline of hot leads.
  • Q/A to ask any questions to Kevin.
Kevin Hernandez

Kevin Hernandez

REI Expert

Over the last few years, heโ€™s developed a unique SMS marketing strategy thatโ€™s helped him generate over $500,000 in take home income, and 50+ wholesale deals. We brought him on to share his secrets with you.

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