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It started with a
Google search, in 2017…

I was a real estate investor at the time trying to grow my business and I thought to myself…how cool would it be to send marketing messages to my customers on their phones…

I quickly found out that it was not very popular so I decided to build my own tool to solve the problem.

It wasn’t until 2019 that I decided to turn this into a software to solve this problem for other people.

I started with one full stack developer from China who built the initial app, named Andrew Li

He was the pioneer, a good friend and unfortunately in the early stages of Smarter Contact he disappeared and sadly has not been found to this day. Wishing him well, if he is still with us, as this project would not have been possible if it was not for him.

At the time we had a software platform that was newly launched, servicing customers, and the only developer who knew the system disappeared. 🤯 Major mess.

Now fast forward a bit, we hired a Ukrainian agency to take over Andrew’s work.

During this stage, I never knew much of Ukraine, but I thought cool, let’s give it a shot and it worked out well.

In 2020, in the heart of Covid, I was traveling Europe and decided to visit our small team in Kyiv with a little surprise

This little surprise changed my life.

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I built the software with our guys, in the factory making it and perfecting it to be the best product out there.

But along the way, I built friendships and deeply rooted relationships. Smarter Contact grew from 5 employees to 50 in over three years.

A lot has grown in our company, and today I am most proud of the people that are a part of it, our culture, and the product that we have built.

Even in a time of war for our mostly Ukrainian team, we have come together and stand united to fight a common cause.

This product that you use is built with passion, dedication, and attention to the finest details imaginable and will continue to do so.

We hope you get to it really enjoy this product as much as we enjoyed building it for you. I am pleased to know it has made many of our customers millions of dollars over the years.

Like your journey in your own business, no good story comes without struggle and the ones who make it are the bold, courageous, and those who never give up.