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Meet our Leadership Team

Adam Nasir


Adam is a relentless entrepreneur, driven by building the highest quality products in the market. He has a passion for building high-level teams and guiding them to collectively achieve enormous goals. Adam truly believes in people and currently lives in Eastern Europe to build Smarter Contact with his team. In his free time, he enjoys travel, time with family, and the game of chess.

Josh Sanchez


Josh is a marketing leader with 10+ years of experience growing companies and teams. His strategic advisory, direction, execution, and leadership in demand generation, product-led growth, and account-based marketing have helped many companies in different industries achieve product-market fit, deploy go-to-market motions, develop in new markets, and profitably scale. Most notably, his work as CMO at ReplyBuy, led to the company being acquired by a venture-backed billion-dollar unicorn called Airship.

Peter Hillier


Bringing over 25 years of expertise in telecommunications, Peter is an exceptionally skilled technology leader who is well known for his passion in shaping high-performing engineering teams. His wide-ranging experience, which spans large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and startups, equips him with a unique perspective on executing high-quality operations with peak efficiency. Peter’s career includes roles as CTO and VP of Engineering in several high-growth organizations, achieving revenues of up to $450 million and successful startup exits.

Kannon Callis

VP of Sales

Kannon is a sales leader who drives success through enabling the strengths of his teammates. He focuses on organizational growth, development of people and processes, and making sales fun for everyone involved. A seasoned sales hunter by trade, he leads by example and has 10+ years of collective experience in Real Estate, SaaS, and Healthcare sales. When he isn’t crushing sales goals, he is burning calories, enjoying nature, and spending time with friends and family.

Volodymyr Stepanchenko

Head of Design

Vova is a multi-disciplinary creative who brings his background to the table. Before joining the Smarter Contact team, he worked as a Lead UI/UX designer building a SaaS products from the ground up. Vova’s inspiration comes from paying attention to the little things he comes across every day.

Our team

The people behind the product ❤️

Javier Etchegaray

Full-Stack Engineer

Aon Starr

Full-Stack Engineer

Eduardo Lavaque

Full-Stack Engineer

Ijaz Rehman

Full-Stack Engineer

Sebastian Serri

Full-Stack Engineer

Jay Querido

Full-Stack Engineer

Vladyslav Kyrychenko

Back End Team Lead

Maksym Hysko

Back End Engineer

Valeriy Borodayev

Back End Engineer

Rodion Chernyshov

Front End Team Lead

Yurii Adamenko

Front End Engineer

Ghafar Tanveer

React Native Engineer

Oksana Shurgai

Quality Assurance Team Lead

Mariia Moroz

Quality Assurance Engineer

Anastasiia Illiushchenko

Quality Assurance Engineer

Oleksii Domin

Quality Assurance Engineer

Kyrylo Nepokrytyi

Project Manager

Alina Prushchak


Sviatoslav Penhryn

Business Analyst

Maksym Stoianov

Financial Analyst

Jurgen Stojku

Marketing Operations Specialist

Samra Aghayeva

Marketing Data Specialist

Eli Lauzon

Market Development Specialist

Jane Barili

Market Development Specialist

Marc Dechavez

Market Development Specialist

Orest Andreiko

Market Development Specialist

Ayman Mghazli

Market Development Specialist

Kim Nelvis

Market Development Specialist

Reshiel Capute

Market Development Specialist

Illya Pravosud

Customer Support, Team Lead

Sasha Smith

Customer Support Specialist

Roger Saybe

Customer Support Specialist

Glenn Acevedo

Customer Support Specialist

Kate Osipova

Customer Success Team Lead

Artem Mykhailov

Customer Success Data Analyst

Ariane Manzano

Customer Success Specialist

Ruslan Klochkov

Account Managers Team Lead

Karyna Balabushka- Maletska

Account Manager

Prescon Nadela

Account Manager

Gaea Palitayan

Account Manager

Karl Palmes

Sales Development Specialist

Dexter Aquino

Sales Development Specialist

Prosper Justus

Sales Development Specialist

Shyra Magdael

Sales Development Specialist

Greg Landukhov

Sales Development Specialist

Julia Galytska

Executive Assistant

Anastasiia Sokil

Human Resources Specialist

Mr. Brownie

Chief Cuteness Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to some of the most common questions

From text to voice to drip campaigns and our app experiences, 2.0 is built to be an all-in-one platform. More than texting, now with voice.
No. With any subscription on any plan, you can send
campaigns to any and all markets. There are no additional
costs for multiple markets.
Yes. In our mobile app you can be notified to answer texts and
calls directly on your phone and experience synchronous
conversations between our mobile and desktop apps. We
support all mobile devices and browsers.
Yes. You can export all your leads at any time directly to an
xlsx or .csv file.
Any CRM or third-party app can be integrated with Smarter
Contact via Zapier. With just a few clicks you automate and
delegate data syncing and repetitive tasks.

Delivery rate is first. We have a reputation for getting more messages through. In addition interface is simple to use, built for highest conversion. It’s a system you’ll enjoy using every day. Lastly we don’t put market restrictions in place like other systems.

There’s an in-app phone system that you can set up to receive
any incoming calls or you can forward those calls to your
personal phone or a third-party dialer app.

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